Clearly our country is being infiltrated by 5th columnists.  In the 40’s & 50’s they were communists, today they’re islamists.  They come complete with their own cheerleaders easily found in our leftist MSM and the government, socialist indoctrination centers we call our schools and universities.

What we have is a nation of liberal sheep whose only goal is to become immersed in socialism and the PC mindset that their kind of evil cancer needs to survive.  What we need as a national goal is to become immersed in reality and relieve ourselves of these vermin.  The best way to start that process is through: OODA.

What does OODA mean?

Observe.  Orient.  Decide.  Act.

Observe:  Assess the enemy and establish your situational awareness.

Orient:  Turn to face the situation, position yourself for success.  Put yourself to where the enemy is least expecting you.

Decide:  On a course of action (quickly!).

Act:  Execute your decision without second-guessing.

Here’s a couple of links to the best description I’ve ever heard of that way of moving through history.  The author brings with him a marvelous essay that needs more exposure.  It's long, but well worth the time it takes to read:



Have you noticed how similar these steps are to the scientific process?  OFTR.  To apply the "Scientific Method," one must OBSERVE an event, FORM a hypothesis to describe that observation, TEST that hypothesis, and then REFINE that hypothesis if the outcome of the test doesn't completely comply with the observation.  And you keep on repeating these steps until they are fully and completely understood. 

For a laugh, ask a 'global warming' "believer" if he or she would recount those steps as they relate to their "belief" in GW.  The steps outlined above are the result of the practical application of the rules and skills that result in honest-to-goodness "Critical Thinking" and form the basis for the development of our Western form of Civilization.

From the article linked to above:

“Tanks are fatally vulnerable in cities.  It’s suicide to place them there.  Ask anyone.”

But that’s exactly what US commanders, exercising OODA, did.  They drove an entire armored column right through the heart of downtown Baghdad.  And they did it so quickly and unexpectedly that their guns could be heard over “Baghdad Bob’s” televised assurances that the Americans had been stopped at the border hundreds of miles away.  To the Iraqi commanders on the ground, American armor seemed to materialize out of thin air, and then disappear just as quickly.  That is a terrifying quality for such a deadly foe.

They went where they were least expected, where their presence threw the enemy commanders into a paralysis of confusion and fear.  Gen. Tommy Franks, that old-school artilleryman who had taken in firepower and attrition with his mother’s milk, put on a show of precision fingertip control that will be studied throughout history.  He got inside their decision loop, and the worst-case—10,000 casualties we feared we might lose taking Baghdad—evaporated away in the mist of the following morning.

Sadly, our upper level people have become pathetically predictable.  No one will ever know how many American lives the methods championed by John Boyd saved in Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom.  But it is most certainly a large number.  Our boots-on-the-ground people, "get it."  But our DC-high command types, our ideologists, our geo-political "thinkers," the MSM, and those with a liberal mindset will probably never catch on.

In order to defeat islamic fascism, we have to get inside the enemy's decision loop, and stay there!  You can’t continually keep on starting over.  Yet that’s exactly what the excuse of what we laughingly refer to as “our leadership”—riddled with closet Marxists—wants us to do.  They want to "talk" to them, "understand" them, and otherwise appease them as if that would be the way to battle the attempt by those 7th century throwbacks to kill our freedoms and put our women into burquas.

-- Excerpted and embellished from a blog reply to Bill Whittle’s excellent essay linked to above.