A Final Wakeup Call for Patriots?

By:  Eddie Willers - November 07, 2008

Tuesday evening was a sad night for America (at least for the 56 million people who did not vote for Barack Obama), a very bad setback politically in which the party/faction most responsible for undermining those values and principles which once made America a great nation stacked up many electoral wins, not only in the presidential campaign, but also in both the House and Senate, adding to their already-existing majorities in Congress.  There is no sugar coating of this: This bodes bad for America's future.

The U.S. economy, historically at least, provided more opportunities for more people than any other system in the history of the world because it approached (but never achieved in full measure) laissez-faire capitalism. It was the most moral and efficient economic system in human history. To the extent that it still exists, it is capitalism -- the system of private ownership and the freedom to save, invest, market, and trade -- which made American economic advances possible. And it is capitalism -- to the extent it is still allowed to exist -- that is the powerhouse behind America's military strength and national security. To the extent that that system has been undermined by taxes, regulations, controls, judicial restrictions, and the ever-increasing burdens of government spending programs, to that extent America's national health and success have been increasingly undermined and are at risk of being destroyed.

As a result of the election of Barrack Obama as President and the clear majorities controlled by the Democrat Party in Congress, we can expect several deleterious consequences over the next several months and years. We can expect the new regime to do as much as it can to consolidate its power and try to prevent losing it ever again. I expect the Senate will propose new legislation for federal government censorship of talk radio programs with which it disagrees. Anyone in talk radio who dares to voice disagreement with the Obama regime will be attacked as "racist" or "reactionary" and steps will be taken by the new government to drive them off the air.

The U.S. economy, already burdened by financial crises brought on by previous programs of government meddling, could become stagnated into a long-lasting depression under the new Democrat power monopoly in Washington. These politicians are like four-year-old kids playing with matches in a room full of dynamite sticks. Of course the partisan "news" media networks will help the Democrats blame any problems on the other party and the supposed demon of free enterprise -- even though America has been taken a very long way from its free-market roots. Like the communists, American Democrats, both in and out of the media, are brilliant propagandists and always accuse their opponents of what they themselves are guilty of.

In foreign affairs, we can expect appeasement and concessions to America's enemies and potential military adversaries -- from Russia's Putin to Red Beijing to the ayatollahs of Iran. Because of Obama's perceived weakness and inexperience, he will be "tested" by a revival of Russian socialist imperialism in Georgia and the Ukraine. Also, mainland China, still under communist control, will continue its massive military buildup, and take an increasingly adversarial stance with respect to the United States. To prove to the world that he is tough after all, Obama may overreact during a military crisis and wind up making it much worse than otherwise. America will move closer to war under Obama while the relative freedom achieved over the past two decades in some parts of the world will begin to slip away once more as socialist imperialism renews its deadly march.

Depending on whether Obama is a one-term or two-term President, he will have opportunities to appoint the most left-leaning (ultra-statist) judges to the federal judiciary, including the Supreme Court. The salutary appointments made by President Bush of Roberts and Alito cannot be reversed, but Obama will try to create a permanent Democrat majority on the high court and continue the Clinton administration's practice of packing the federal judiciary with partisan Democrats.

What should freedom-loving Americans do? Resistance! This is not the time for cooperation and conciliation. This is the time to continue to build resistance to these advances in socialist tyranny. Now, more than ever. I predict that secessionist movements may see a revival in Texas, Alaska, and elsewhere. Those who support the Ninth and Tenth Amendments in the U.S. Bill of Rights must work to restore their legal force. And our Second Amendment rights as armed citizens must be preserved at all costs, else none of our other rights will be secure.

If the Republican Party is to become a viable vehicle to retake America, its leadership must change and it must be better prepared to wage ideological battles with its political adversaries in the Democrat Party, a party that has moved further and further in the direction of the totalitarian left in recent decades, so much so that the Communist Party no longer runs candidates for President. Given the way the political system works in the U.S., third party efforts are doomed to fail on the national level. What is needed is not a third party but rather a new second party. Before we can take back America, we must first take back the Republican Party which all too often has included politicians guilty of ideological "me-tooism" and collusion with the Democrats. What America needs is a choice, not an echo. Republicans must learn that trying to out-promise and out-spend the Democrats is futile and is politically counterproductive. A better job must be done in counteracting left-wing propaganda which has been all too successful in misleading and confusing many good Americans and even in exploiting divisions within the population and the conservative movement.

If 9/11/01 was America's wake-up call about terrorism, 11/04/08 was a final political wake-up call for many Americans who have been complacent and out of touch with what has been going on for the past several decades in the struggles for power in the national political arena. If nothing else, at least one good thing came from this presidential campaign: the national news services (with the possible exception of Fox News) were so blatantly obvious in their pro-Democrat anti-GOP partisan bigotry in their coverage that only morons who were not paying attention could fail to notice, if they had not figured it out before now. With its credibility shattered (at least among intellectually honest thinking people), the leading wire services, TV networks, big newspapers, and national slick magazines (especially Time, Newsweek, U.S,. News) showed themselves to be unofficial spokespersons for the DNC. If American patriots and conservatives are ever going to recapture their country and get Big Government under any kind of control or limitation, talented conservatives and libertarians must get into the news media and in academia. Americans must find alternative venues for news and analysis -- and reject the superficial "liberal" talking points offered up as conventional wisdom by the television networks and other organs of the drive-by media.

The U.S. will survive the Democrat Party sweep of 2008 -- but only if enough good people take action over the next few years to reverse statist encroachments on our liberties. Get informed and inform others -- and stop watching network television! Those on the pro-freedom Right must cooperate as never before against the common enemy of Obama's Evil Establishment. To that end I offer the following observations and suggestions:
1.  Electoral pacifism -- staying home on election day -- only leaves the field to those who choose to vote. If all the good people -- conservatives and libertarians and patriots -- took that position and stayed home on the grounds that voting is a dirty business, all that would accomplish would be to relinquish the political arena to our enemies and make it easy for them to take over. It is sort of like being locked in a room with a madman and there is a gun on the floor between you and him, and you elect to allow him to get the gun and shoot you with it because of your abhorrence of guns. Voting against bad propositions or bad candidates is a righteous act of self defense and pacifism/passivism only encourages the worst power luster's to gain control; it does not discourage the use of organized violence (contrary to what some misguided "anarchists" may believe).

2.  Third party efforts on the national level appear to be futile -- given the way our electoral system operates today and the news media refusal to cover small-party candidates for national office while focusing on only the major candidates. At most, in a very close election between the two major parties, a third party candidate could conceivably divert enough votes away from one of the major candidates and thereby allow the other major candidate to win. What we need is not a third party but a new second party which can provide a true choice in distinction to the socialist/welfare statist party of the "Democrats" and their partisan allies in the media.

3.  Do not be naive about the Democrat Party agenda. It is fascism and they will move to consolidate their power and try to make it impossible for them to lose national power ever again in the future. They will demonize anyone whom they spot as a potential opposition leader, as they have been doing already for a long time. This smear campaign will be ramped up now more than ever. They will try to enact national censorship legislation to quash anyone who disagrees with their policies or agenda. They will target talk radio and try to force off the air anyone who dares to voice criticism of their programs and plans. They have long targeted Rush Limbaugh with their politics of personal destruction. I predict that will escalate even beyond their previous efforts. The Democrats will try to reinterpret talk radio -- broadcast speech -- as "pornography" as a pretext for banning views which they dislike. This must be opposed on all levels.

4.  Reality is not on the side of Obama and the Democrats. After he takes office as President, Obama will finally have to start making some tough decisions about what to do on several problematic fronts. He can no longer hide behind glittering generalities or nice sounding rhetoric. We know that the "solutions" he has advocated during his campaign -- to the extent he could be pinned down in terms of specific policies -- have been tried and failed in the past in other countries. Socialized health care and redistribution schemes do not enhance a nation's wealth or well being. Will President Obama really risk destroying the U.S. economy in the name of fighting Albert Gore's "global warming"? Will he really sit down with terrorists and terrorist-sponsoring regimes? If he does some of the things that he has suggested, his popularity will fall as low or lower than that of the current President as Obama's dreamy nostrums will be revealed as the nonsolutions they surely are. Conservatives, libertarians, constitutionalists, and patriots must articulately explain to their fellow Americans why the Obama policies are failing and offer the pro-freedom alternative to those failed socialistic policies.