Stuck On Stupid!

What a great tag line!  This conservative curmudgeon is proud to thank General Russel Honore for his classy admonition to reporters:  "Don't get stuck on stupid!"  As David Limbaugh pointed out, this has got to be one of the best one-liners of the new millennium.

For those that don't know its source, Honore made it to reporters who insisted on asking questions about Katrina when he was trying to focus on Rita.  He was trying to point out that there would be plenty of time, later, to sort out any of the many inadequacies that abounded in all phases of governmental response to Katrina.  But at that moment they needed to deal with Rita's impending wrath.

Thus, "Don't get stuck on stupid!", became an instant metaphor for the left's intense quest to assign blame before the scale and scope of an event can even be known.

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