Links & Other Useful Info

On this page I've subsumed links that I find useful and interesting.  I hope they are of service to you as well.  Please let me know if any are broken or otherwise non-functional, and I will fix them immediately.

FrontSight - A most excellent webpage geared towards honing your 2nd Amendment skills.  More FrontSight links here.

The Religion of Peace - A detailed website that illustrates the various aspects of that foul notion known as:  "The Religion of Peace!"  Visit there or click through here to learn about why we have to wade through that Islamist sewer called Iraq.

Debunking 8 Anti-war Myths about the conflict in Iraq on FreeRepublic.  Or read all about 11-reasons why we were right to hit Iraq.  Or perhaps a list of the Reasons For War will open your eyes.


The oft made claim by the left that, "Saddam had no links to al Qaeda!", was made as if the administration had said that he did.  They did not.  It's just another lie in the long liberal history of lying about inconvenient facts.  That having been said, this article casts an entirely new--and excruciatingly detailed--light on that issue.  Read "The Mother of All Connections" (long--but worth it) for more information and details.