Dealing with Illegal Aliens

By:  TheFistOfFreedom
Writing for - OneAmericanPatriot

SAN JOSE, California -- Dealing with those that are entering this country illegally seems to leave our furiously partisan American leadership confused, spineless, and bereft of any plan to address the issue.  And, as if that weren't enough, that leaves the average taxpaying American citizen angry and full of doubt.  Why is it that nothing seems to be able to be done?  Why, as the liberal effete so loudly and constantly bray, is it that only a "Perfect", "100% effective" solution is workable?  Short of that, nothing can nor should be done.  Since doing so, would be "unfair" to those being dealt with.  If they were the only obstacle, that would be bad enough.  But in addition to them, the conservative leadership seems to have fallen at the alter of worshipping workers in a manner not seen since the great AFL/CIO union blowouts of the '40's and '50's.

There seems to be a mystique that surrounds those that enter our country illegally.  By-and-large they're treated as if they were visiting vacationers.  They're not!  They're persons that have knowingly, willingly, intentionally, and with malice-of-forethought, broken United States law simply be crossing a line on a map.  And as such, despite whatever else they may be, they're criminals first and foremost!  And, as criminals, they deserve only our contempt.  They've already shown that they consider us beneath their contempt by being here in violation of every international law that applies to such issues.  Then, after they're illegally here, they insist that they should be given access to medical services, social services, work, schools, and the other trappings of what one might consider an everyday America lifestyle.  This has GOT TO STOP!

Here are four simple steps on how we can deal with this issue:
First; every person that's stopped and/or apprehended must be able to produce and present the necessary documents that one must have when entering the United States of America.  My family and I had to have them when we first came here.  Why should this "special class" of criminal be exempt?  These documents are not hard to get.  They're available at every proper, functioning, and staffed port-of-entry to these United States.  If someone's apprehended without these documents, they have de facto confessed that they are criminals illegally in these United States.  As such, they should be bio-metrically identified; and that information should be entered into a permanent record maintained in a database designated specifically for this kind of information--accessible to anyone with a "need to know".

Second; once someone has been caught, identified and found to be an illegal invader, from that point on, they CAN NEVER legally enter these United States of America for any reason.  Ever!  If they're willing to try to come here in violation of our sovereignty and laws, then their life-long penalty is that they can never come back.  Period.

Third; a great deal is made out of the lack of proper "space" to warehouse these uninvited "guests".  Sheriff Joseph Arpaio seems able to deal with that issue.  Call him.  Give him a tiny fraction of the worthless Homeland Security budget, and I'll bet he'll have them breaking rocks and enjoying the Arizona sunshine in short order.  I don't want to hear that "they can't be dealt with."  If congress has the time to deal with all of the pork they're so busily defining and spending, then can spend some time on figuring out how to deal with the illegal tide we're facing every day...

But a more permanent solution is really not so difficult at all.  They shall be taken to the nearest embassy of their self-declared home country, and given over to the custody of their ambassador.  Let their country have to deal with the costs associated with housing and transporting them home.  Let that become their burden.  I suspect a few hundred incidents like this, and those foreign countries tacitly calling for or turning a blind eye towards these kinds of transgressions into our country, will cease.

Fourth; those already here in direct violation of statuary and international law should be given some time to correct their self-made dilemma.  Each one will have to obtain and properly file for whatever status they're to be given here.  Failure to do so will put them in direct violation article #1, above, causing them to fall under article #2, and possible subjecting them to article #3.  Their homes, autos, and property is to be confiscated; and they are to be deported via their embassy's forthwith.

Those already employed, should be given preference to those that are unemployed or only engaging in illegal items of commerce.

In summation; Let me say first and foremost, as a legal immigrant, that I'm neither anti-immigrant nor anti-Mexican.  I am sympathetic to their plight.  But this constant eroding of our sovereignty has got to stop!  If nothing else, this easy pathway for terrorist access into the heart of our country has got to be raising some red flags somewhere!  If not, then perhaps a change of leadership is in order. 

But then again, this is just my opinion.  While you may not like my solution, at least I have one...

Posted: 17.Dec.05