What Is A Donkey-gram?

A "DonkeyGram" is a short essay written in response to the ignorant, stupid, thoughtless, or most often thoroughly dishonest "facts" (read: lies!) blatantly promulgated by the idiot left (and occasionally the right).

The “Donkey-gram” series is written in order to drag clueless, liberal blowhards snout-to-face with the realities of life.  Each one addresses some point of pathetic ignorance, and clearly and completely addresses and exposes the mistaken notion—or the lie behind it—that inspired it.

A “Donkey-gram” is written for the lowest common denominator (i.e. simple enough so that even the Democratic Party donkey mascot can understand it—hence the name:  “Donkey-gram”.

  1. The Truth Behind The 2000 Presidential Election

  2. He lied!

  3. <TBD>