DG1:  The Election of George W. Bush

I originally made this post in response to the unending stream of lies from yet another sneering, liberal, dimwit on a newsgroup that I frequent from time-to-time:  The original of this post even made it to Free-Republic (985223).

Ever since the 2000 elections, the elitist left, in their on-going effort to tear this great country down to a level of poverty and authoritarianism with which they're more comfortable, have continued to insist that the election was: stolen, fraudulent.  A selection not an election, and so on.  Having finally had enough of that, I took that writer to task.

Those that read and traverse the digital-sewer that some Usenet news groups have become, will almost certainly have come across a nearly endless sea of simpletons.

One particularly virulent form of simpleton is the self-righteous liberal that expresses his or her fury at the outcome of the 2000 presidential elections by engaging—at great personal effort—at least one of their apparently last two functioning neurons in order to vent their undisguised, self-righteous outrage at the outcome.

They take umbrage at the results of the election as they venomously spit out the simplistic fiction that Al Gore lost because George W. Bush was selected or appointed into office alternately by his father’s friends or the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS).  They assert that the court stole the election from the deserving and rightful candidate that they purport to represent.

I finally got fed up with their puerile musings and have decided that these sniveling simpletons needed to be taken to task and publicly corrected.  I’ve presented that spanking below in order to make it easily available for other like-minded folks to use as they see fit.

Not again!  The shrill and strident screech of another clueless jackass braying—loudly.  It seems that this jackass—like so many others of his or her ilk—is afflicted with a particularly virulent form of an intellectually debilitating virus that renders them unable to see, read, understand, or think:  Liberalism!  Bereft of the ability to assimilate information in the normal manner, they’ve relied upon being “spoon-fed” their daily talking points.  This “Donkey-gram” is in response to those feeding from those closely held spoons…

In order to both save the time and trouble, and to succinctly clarify it, I have decided to dissect the issue and present it below.  So pay attention!  How the president of these United States of America is elected:

1.      The president of the United States of America is elected SOLELY by a vote of the body of members of the Electoral College, exactly as specified in Article II, Section 1, of the Constitution of the United States of America.  The EXACT same way EVERY president since George Washington has been elected—including their beloved "bubba".

2.      He was not “selected”, “appointed”, or otherwise “installed”, by a ruling from SCOTUS as so many of the dim bulbs we're surrounded by assert and bray so loudly each day.  The SCOTUS ruled on the admissibility of doing a RE-COUNT in ONLY a SELECT FEW HIGH DEMOCRATIC VOTER TURNOUT DISTRICTS as opposed to the whole state.  They correctly overruled an absolutely vile, partisan ruling by a lower court—and had nothing to do with “selecting” a president!

3.      Florida went through THREE recounts, before the legal challenge was entered.  In all three GWB was found to have the winning margin (albeit slim!).

4.      AFTER the voting, counting, legal maneuvering, and inaugurating was all over; ALL votes in Florida WERE RECOUNTED numerous times, and given FULL VALUE for every nick, tick, pregnant, hanging, suspected or imagined chad under the full view, auspices, and direct microscopic attendance of several hundred of the most scurrilous, savage, liberal, socialist, anti-conservative, and anti-American newspapers and NGO's on the planet.  And in all recount instances overseen by that motley collection of rabid detractors; George W. Bush STILL got the most votes!  That means that he WON THE RIGHT TO THE ELECTORAL VOTES OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA!  Are you really so naïve as to think that the New York Times and its fellow liberal/socialist vermin would have let this go had the outcome been different?

5.      The ONLY person that should be pilloried and spat upon is the simplistically villainous Albert Gore and his intentionally traitorous handlers in the Democratic Party.  In case it escaped your apparently feeble notice, it was Al Gore and the Democratic Party that tried to steal an American election!  It was he and his socialist-empire minded cohorts that tried to thwart the will of the voters by engaging in “selective recounting!”  And it's "useful idiots" and morons like you that keep on proliferating this fiction because you're too dumb to know that you're being led like a sheep...

Now, what part of the preceding is it that you don't understand?

If you don't like, approve, or care for the current system of electing our leaders, then get off your fat-ass and lead the fight to get a constitutional amendment crafted that changes the system to the way *you* want it to work.  You don't change the Constitution of the United States by whining about it after the fact!

You have been informed!  If you continue to bray your abject stupidity in this matter to the world; then you have intentionally marked yourself as a lying, simpering, worthless liberal weasel, or you’re terminally stupid—your call.

[NB:  The rest of the rant was part of the original article, but is not directly related to the 2000 presidential election.]

6) I've been fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel widely. I've been in places where Americans were loved and greeted with kindness and care; and I've been in places where it was best that I use one of the dozen or so other languages I speak. ALL of those instances have been in third-world shitholes where the denizens are as dumb and uninformed as you are. But at least they had an excuse. They existed (barely) under the oppression of religious or totalitarian autocracies, and had to live under a government-imposed agenda. Oddly enough, in 99% of even those places that I had the opportunity to visit, I was treated with kindness and respect. So your jaundiced view that "most" of the world doesn't like us is about as accurate as your grasp of the electoral process.

Regarding some of the less than kind remarks from some of our "foreign" readership, please let me clarify a few things for you as well.

7) You are correct, American politics can indeed be a circus. But it is our circus and none of your damn business. We don't need any instructions or reminders from monarchists, socialists, elitists, religious zealots, the heads of freedom-less totalitarian regimes, or other various and sundry riff-raff on how to run our damn country. Run your own. Become a model of freedom, liberty, and military and financial strength. Then let us in on how you did it. Otherwise bugger off!

8) To the British fellow; I don't condone terrorism in any form. I regret that you suffered a loss. You should send a note of "thanks" to the American Democratic party. They controlled our congress during that period of time. Although upstaged of late by liberal judges, it is *they* who are the ones that were supposed to make our laws. Instead, *they* were busy courting your enemies as they rolled out the red carpet to IRA gunmen, using them for photo-ops as if they were visiting dignitaries; instead of making a law to throw the bums out! It was *they* that permitted them to operate here with impunity collecting money for their cause. I can certainly understand how you might feel, as you should understand how we feel now that Islamic crazies get the run of your land to do, as they will.

9) Let me remind our European readership that if it hadn't been for the United States of America and her military and monetary might, your national mottos today would be "Zieg Heil!", to the tune of, "Deutschland Uber Alles", and we wouldn't be having this conversation in English. Either that or you'd be sipping borsht. Since I escaped from such a workers paradise, I'm not eager for a return engagement. And I'm damn sure gonna resist your intention to press it upon me!

10) Let me further remind you that it was American muscle, money, and workers that fed you, clothed you, and rebuilt your now elitist socialist enclaves from the ashes of where *your* leaders took you in the last century. Without our direct help to you, forgiveness of your unpaid obligations to us, ready market for your goods, and umbrella of protection from communism, some of you would be third-world shitholes just like so much of Asia and Africa, or you'd be working for your daily vodka & borsht ration on the other side of the iron-curtain.

11) This idiotic drum beat of the United States being imperialist warmongers is interesting I wonder where it started. When I was visiting them, I must have missed "Old Glory" flying over France, Germany, Italy, GB, Holland, Belgium, or Japan among a hundred other sovereign countries that have benefited from American arms and benevolence in the past. If you'll actually look, you'll find that it's not America that maintains dependent colonies in Africa, South America, and Asia.  As Colin Powell once explained, "Over the years, the United States has sent many of its fine young men and women into great peril to fight for freedom beyond our borders.  The only amount of land we have ever asked for in return is enough to bury those that did not return."

To make us look less like imperialists in your eyes, why don't you guys take over in Bosnia? You whine and carp about how we haven't implemented a constitution, elected offices, and a working democracy in Iraq in 4-months, and you clowns can't even clean up that little mess in your own back yard in 4-years--after we've captured and tried their leader for you! It's a good thing you can take a bus to get there, because you'd have to depend on your French buds for your travel arrangements. They've got these six (now 5) spiffy airplanes. They're faster than all get-out, but they can only carry a couple 'dozen soldiers at once. They also have this neat aircraft carrier...you know, the one that's spent 14 of its first 15 years in commission in dry-dock being fixed or repaired or otherwise patched and spackled. It's no wonder you resent our being able to project force to where it's needed. It's cause *your* runny little economies and technologies can't!

As for the war mongering; I probably missed it because I'm sure that your version of reality has the Americans starting WWII by bombing the peaceful Japanese fleet lying at anchor in Tokyo Harbor. Maybe it was really the Americans that bombed England; invaded Poland, France, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Africa, and Russia after all. I'm sure you can show that we had a hand in snuffing 6-million Jews as well. But whether we did or not, I *do* know that history clearly shows that you simpering weasels did NOTHING! You and your much ballyhooed UN didn't stop the killing of thousands in Sarajevo, and millions in Rwanda, the Sudan, Cambodia, China or any of the other socialist shitholes you so admire.

I'm sure there are more than a few readers out there that are dumb and uninformed enough to believe that it was the CIA, at the direction of, Dick Chaney, that:

all so that GWB could shine as he led our troops into battle in Afghanistan, and Iraq? We don't need to shine there, that you're alive and around to whine and torment us at all is already tribute to our laurels.

If we waited for you to act as quickly as you did in Bosnia, we'd be picking Islamist nutcases out of the ruins of every skyscraper in America for the next 3-decades while you blathered on and on in that "Kaffee Klatch" you call the UN. I'm damn glad that my country went over there and kicked their butts. I've been in war. I didn't like it a lot. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. But if we're gonna have one, then I damn well want it in *their* country, and not mine. It we did it here instead, it would just be more video like the WTC on 9/11.  And frankly, I didn't like that view a lot!

Maybe *you* think that giving Islamist crazies "another chance" is just peachy but I don't! They're already pissed at us because we're in Saudi Arabia [NB: we didn't invade and conquer them, we're there at the request of the Saudi royal family]; and that we won't give 'em the bulldozers they want, to push Israel into the sea. So who cares if they find yet another reason to not like us. If it makes you feel better, then believe all of that pap you wish to chew.

When the dirt where The Gaza Strip is belonged to Egypt and the West Bank belonged to Jordon, those countries didn't give it to those that claim to be Palestinians either. So now somehow it's America's problem? And they're entitled to hate us for that? Gimme a break!

> If I were France or Germany....I'd say...we'll discuss helping out in Iraq after we see who's going to be running things next year....
Yeah, I'm sure you would. OTOH; they didn't seem to mind "helping out in Iraq" when Saddam was running things. Because with him running the show, they got financial kickbacks and could keep the US pushed out of the game.

> my only 2-cents on the subject...as I like to try and keep things on topic for this group.
If that was 2-cents worth, you should file for a refund!

I'm outta here!

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